Chicago, IL: Man playing cards on his porch is shot in the buttocks by a passerby. (source)

Mansfield, OH: 17 year old issued a summons for hitting a 41 year old staff member over the head with a board game at Foundations for Living. (source)

Likas, Malaysia: Four foreigners arrested for playing the card game Lap Lap Fu. (source) Lap Lap Fu is a Chinese poker variant, where you have 13 cards that create three hands, the top hand with 3 cards, and the middle and bottom hand with 5 cards each.

Not games, but related: Toronto, CA: Comic store (Dragon’s Realm) owner accused of installing hidden camera to spy on women’s washroom (while trying on comic related tees, etc). (source)

FIDE: The crisis over Susan Polgar and the stolen emails continues to get more complicated, with more criminal suits being filed. Read source if you’re interested. (source)

Pontiac, MI: Man pops off a few shots with a gun and robs a dice game. Then turns his back to leave and gets shot in the back and killed by everyone at the game, all of whom had guns. (source)

Memphis, TN: Former Memphis Tiger Antonio Burks shot by robbers as he watched a dice game. (source)

Rochester, NY: Man shoots a shotgun at a group of people playing dice in a backyard, wounding 4. (source)

Costa Mesa, CA: Roman Catholic priest who molested boys in the early nineties arrested at a card game in a community center near his home. (source)

Cheshire, UK: Four septuagenarian ex-servicemen wrestle a 24 year-old knife wielder to the floor when he attempts to rob their game of dominoes. (source)