TOP STORY: Rick Eddleman, the guy who embezzled over a million dollars from Decipher Games (and ruined the company) is sentenced to six years and five months in prison. He is ordered to pay back nearly a million dollars, but he only owns around $25,000 in assets. (source)

Edinburgh, Scotland: Man beats his mother to death and hands himself; the paper mentions that he is a BGG user. (source)

Pattaya City, Thailand: 8 charged with gambling with the dice game Hi Lo in a parking lot. All gambling is illegal in Thailand. (source) Also, parents are urged to check their children’s cell phones to see if they have downloaded any dice game applications, following a spate of addiction and gambling losses. (source)

Niagara Falls, NY: Robber takes board game (and other items) during a house break-in. (source)

Richmond, VA: Man became violent after getting drunk at a rummy game. (source)

Alexandria, LA: Card game loser hits another player and bites her on the cheek. (source)

Madison, WI: Man pulls knife and damages car door of someone who tells him he has a “big booty” at a dominoes game. (source)

Chicago, IL: Several people shot at a dice game by one of the losers. (source)

Fraser, MI: Man hits woman in head, breaking her glasses, because she won’t sell him Park Place and Boardwalk.  (source)

Live Oak, FL: Men break into a home and rob a card game in progress. (source)