ystariFollowing on Alea’s heels, Ystari is bringing out a box of expansions for it’s line of games. Ystari Box will contain expansions for five Ystari games:

  • Caylus Magna Carta: new king’s favors, new set of prestige buildings, components for a fifth player
  • Amyitis: two additional characters
  • Yspahan: deck with mostly new abilities
  • Sylla: deck with new characters, projects, and events
  • Metropolys: new goal cards, and an additional expansion from Rio Grande’s edition of the box

Some people are already unhappy to buy five expansions when they only want one or two, but each of these expansions is pretty small on its own. IMHO, they should be offering these as bonus toss-ins to the game, like the Carcassonne River expansion.