Bradley CheckersBradley Public Library (Illinois) started game programs as a way to improve its services to teens, who otherwise tended not to venture beyond the computers. Librarian Betty Chapman:

Board games are great for shy students, those who have a hard time making friends. Games make it easier to find a common ground amongst teens. Games also bridge the gap between generations. If we can get the kids in the library to have some fun without a computer (nothing against the computer, I love it myself), to make some new friends, a new reason to be out, then we have them hooked and we can hopefully regain their forgotten childhood love of books.

There have been Checkers tournaments and Wii events—with Rock Band competitions and costume nights. Over the summer, the library also began hosting Grandparent and Me Bingo.

Our goal was to open up the library to all generations, making them feel welcome, and giving them a chance to see all we offer.

As prizes, the library has so far given away about 200 books.

It was initially intended for grandparents and grandchildren to have some bonding time doing something they both love. It has opened up for parents also, as some children do not have grandparents nearby.

The next Bingo event is Tuesday at 6:30. During the school year, games will switch to two Mondays a month. Inter-generational game nights out—stop by and share a good time!