L5R_LogoAEG has released the second half of L5R’s Imperial Gift:  two fully playable decks for free. (!) If you’ve been wanting to check the game out, this a great way.

The decks contain a variety of personalities (creatures in Magic-speak) from every clan, solid action cards (instants) and Unaligned Strongholds (home bases) for both decks.  Also included are turn summaries for both players, an Imperial Favor card and Clan descriptions.

There is one caveat:  while the decks do come with the turn summaries, you will need to download the full rules here.

If’n you’re wanting the decks, contact your FLGS to order them for you (either through distributor or by contacting AEG directly at customerservice@alderac.com).

One last thing:  Daigotsu will own your face.

The table is yours,


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