The Wall Street Journal pimps Eric Poses of All Things Equal, creator of Loaded Questions, The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game, and others. The article describes his secret for getting shelf space at Toys R Us (befriend a former Toys R Us merchandise manager and land a meeting with a Toys R Us buyer). (source)

A league in Leamington, UK pimps Dominoes, claiming that it is urgent that new players attend their league in order that “the game of Dominoes not die.” Heh. If you don’t want Dominoes to die, try moving most of its players out of Jamaica and south Florida, where they tend to die at an alarming rate. Furthermore, I don’t think Dominoes is anywhere close to dying, what with all the Hollywood celebrities jumping on the bandwagon. Your league, however … (source) By the way, the reason the league is dying is due to UK’s new no smoking ban.