gen-con-indySo far, today has been the day for announcements and rumors:

  • Catalyst was demoing 6 new board and card games still on their way from the printers. More such games coming soon.
  • Wizards of the Coast announced that the next Dungeons & Dragons setting line will be a resurrected Dark Sun. Plus a new Heroscape expansion using D&D.
  • Hasbro doing away with the wheel in Trivial Pursuit and bringing back Duel Masters. Also, if you’re around the con tomorrow, keep an eye out for Mike Gray, Director of Acquisitions. Apparently, his t-shirt will be the first announcement of a new Hasbro project that he promises will be appreciated by hobby gamers.
  • And an apology, I did miss the Fantasy Flight Games presentation, having actually been scheduled for a game (Chronica Fuedalis historical RPG set in medieval Europe). But I’ll work on getting you the details once I’ve had a chance to talk to my agents.