indie_boards_and_cardsIndie Boards and Cards, by Travis Worthington, bills itself as a publisher that doesn’t publish. Instead, it notes that all the tools anyone needs to self-publish already exist, but “too many of these games suffer from poor playtesting, have confusing & incomplete rules or just aren’t that good.”

Which would make one think that they help designers in the development process by playtesting works in progress, help write rules, and provide design advice to help you create better games. Unfortunately, none of this is the case.

While couched within a complicated procedure that they promise will take months, what they appear to do is ensure that your game was liked by some fellow BGGs, put a stamp of approval on your game if they like it, and then list it on their site. Thus assuring a quality product.

The first game on the site is Triumvirate, which is designed by … Travis Worthington.