mind_games“Mind games” refers to psychological chicanery, purposely manipulating other people by playing on their fears, hopes, or misunderstandings.

“Mind Games” is a series of math, verbal, and trivia competitions held in some bars around the world. (example)

“Mind Games” is the name of numerous unconnected tabletop game stores around the world, including Utah, New York, North Carolina, Victoria AU, and across Ontario CA.

“Mind Games” is the name of the yearly MENSA game awards.

The “World Mind Sports Games” refers to the board and card game competitions at the Olympics, the first of which happened in China last year, immediately following the traditional sports Olympics.

And, in the same vein, “Mind Games” refers to new tabletop game competitions, typically featuring classic board games and local popular traditional games, such as The Western Cape Mind Games in South Africa, and the Bahamas Mind Games, set to begin in a few days.