Any game aimed at training corporate suits is going to be expensive, because it’s marketed at a business tool. To be fair, the game often comes with extensive literature and access to online resources or even facilitation (although that’s usually extra).

project_riskProject Risk is a risk-management board game from Successful Projects. It costs $60. Eight possible bad events can happen after each roll of the dice. For six of them, you can decide to spend chips to counteract them (or enhance their positive benefit) before starting the game. The two hidden ones can’t be planned for. After that, it appears to be a simple dice-roller, however each space is marked with a project management “term” so that someone who knows what project management is can interrupt the game and give a speech about it.

PM Learning lists three more interesting looking games, teaching project management and risk assessment, including Portfolio Power (more a market simulation than a game), Ultimate Route, a path building game with lots of financial and management aspects, and Challenge of Egypt, an ancient-Egypt themed game where you have to build the Pyramid of Cheops. Prices not listed. The games each last 1-2 days.

Leaders in Action from Learn to Lead teaches leadership competency. Price not listed. LtL also has several other games.

Action Center Training also lists several games which are just games, but they note the learning outcomes of each of the games. You can buy the games on other sites cheaper.

There are also numerous examples of games created by students within university settings for a course.