Ultimate Tool Box

AEG was kind enough to send me a review copy of the Ultimate Toolbox, a book of campaign ideas and adventure hooks.  Lets see how it is…

The Ultimate Toolbox, the sequal to AEG’s successful Toolbox, is a book of matches for kindling that ‘spark’ to get good ideas going for any fantasy campaign setting.  Be it a campaign arc, character concept, or the latest dungeon crawl, Ultimate Toolbox likely has a chart to help get the ideas flowing.

The book is broken into seven chapters, each covering a different broad topic:  Character, World, Civilization, Maritime, Dungeon, Magic and Plot.  Each topic has a slew of charts (and subcharts) devoted to it.  Need to flesh out a wizard’s workshop?  The Magic chapter has you covered.  How about ideas for recurring nightmares a character may have?  Have a look in the Character chapter.  Not quite sure what you need?  Flip through the index, which has every chart listed by name.

With over 1000 charts (including one with 20 points of advice for GMs…) the book offers plenty of ideas, and is fun to read what the authors came up with to boot.  Whether you are a seasoned GM with scores of PC deaths at your feet or a neophyte PC, this book is worth checking out… it is sure to help get the ideas going.

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Edited to acknowledge a review copy was sent.