swinxsI’m trying to decide if the Swinxs really is more annoying than the noisy toys I had to annoy my parents: the hand-held football games, the noisy electronic driving game, Gnip Gnop, and the buzzing top. I don’t think it is. Time clouds the judgment, however.

If you don’t have a handy eight-year old girl around to make the rules for your game and tell you whose turn it is, or maybe you need someone to time you in a race, you’re all alone, and under ten years old, this $150 talking doodad ( plus $15 for 3 Wristbands with RFID chips) might do the trick. They claim it’s for indoor and outdoor play and show it sitting on a sandy beach, so it must be durable, at least.

It comes with an assortment of tag games; and more games are free to download. But when you get bored of those, you can also buy a $29 pack of RFID Cards and play match the animal to the sound and other games like that.

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