Liber Sodalitas The Dream HealersHighmoon Games brings back the Liber Sodalitas line with The Dream Healers for the Pathfinder RPG. The 10 page PDF includes NPCs, a new prestige class, and magic items but in the context of a priestly organization that adds flavor to your game, not just complexity. On the conversion from d20 to Pathfinder, Highmoon’s Daniel Perez said:

Pathfinder represents the new face of the 3.5 fantasy RPG rules system… Pathfinder sleeks out the rules in line with developments seen in both official and 3rd-party releases over this decade, breathing new life to that system… Updating to Pathfinder makes perfect business sense. Fans of the type of game experience 3.5 fantasy delivered now have a new banner under which to rally and that is an exciting development in our opinion. We want to be a part of this new surge, and a quick entry into that wave was the updating of our existing material. We’re actually updating so that the product matches the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, even if the game is backwards compatible with 3.5 fantasy.

While the company sees conversion of existing products as an important first step, you can also look forward to additional releases in the series, as well as a Pathfinder adventure.