Haines City, FL: Nine arrested for illegal gaming and card gaming. (source)

around IN: Three-card Monty being operated on state highway rest stops. (source)

Baldwinsville, NY: Mayor shuts down 50 cents a game gambling in senior center. (source)

Tel Aviv, Israel: Man kills two and wounds 15 people talking and playing board games at a gay youth center. (source)

South Yorkshire, UK: Men divert woman by asking how to play Dominoes and steal money from her purse. (source)

Cowichan Lake, CA: People playing either a board game or card games in a boat (source contradicts itself) are run into by another board going at full speed. (source)

Tallahasse, FL: Man shot in the chest while playing cards. (source)

Not really criminal: Sun City, SC: Two women on their way to a card game drive into a lake and are rescued by a resident. (source)

Miami-Dade, FL: Victor Agosto led Miami-Dade U from no chess club to the recipient of the US Chess Fed’s Chess College of the Year. Now he’s going to jail and dishonorable discharge for refusing deployment to Iraq beyond his enlistment terms (under “stop-loss”), over conscientious objection. (source)

Sweden: Founder of the site Pokerlistings.com found shot dead in his bed. (source)