Rocky Mount, NC: Man comes up to card game with a baseball bat and hits another man with it. (source)

Warren, MI: Police raid social club and take $26,000. The owner is a deacon of the Holy apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East. Some patrons claimed that no gambling was occurring. (source)

Rock Hill, SC: Armed thieves rob a card game for $830, phones, and credit cards. (source)

St Petersburg, FL: Yet another chess club to get embroiled in litigation over who’s on the board. (source)

Palestine, TX: House burglarized, and stolen items include “board game worth $20”. (source)

Salt Lake City, UT: Woman throws shot-glasses at her husband and daughter and her friend, threatens to stab husband with a cane, and then beats him with a baseball bat, over a card game. (source)

Slidell, LA: One man shoots and kills someone at a dice game. (source)