Following discovery of the world’s largest Chess set, allow us to preset the world’s largest Go and Backgammon sets.


On Saturday, the 2009 International Weichi Tournament was held near the Great Wall of China. The pieces (called Chessmen) on the board were reflected on a larger board for spectators by humans dressed in black and white. When moving, the humans performed Kung Fu maneuvers. (source)


(image by CRI online)

I don’t know if the board is bigger than what took place at the 21st world amateur Igo festival in Oita ten years ago, in which the reflected game was played with gigantic disks on a lawn board. (source)



For the Million Dollar Backgammon Tournament in 2007, the organizers commissioned this 100,000 square foot backgammon board painted onto a field in the Bahamas. (source)


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