The post’s title is the sub-title of the board game Prosperity (not related to two previous board games called Prosperity).

The theory, according to the below video, is that blacks will feel self-empowered when they see black people on high-denomination play money.

There are a few other differences with Monopoly:

Prosperity doesn’t mean perfection; at times big problems occur, for example: although the “No Justice No Peace” card indicates a willingness to be incarcerated for a just cause; the ‘Arrested’ card indicates involuntary restraint. The State and Federal political influence (cards) can turn any horrific jail experience into a mere inconvenience. For those without political influence, they must gamble with the justice system, which includes an appeals process if necessary. Another problem card to avoid is ‘Ouch’, if selected you must pay 65% of your cash-on-hand for alimony and child support. Ohhhh, what you really don’t want to do is get the ‘Major Accident’ card and then Action Roll an 11 or a 12; nope, you don’t want that.