Innerlinks sells Angel Cards, little slips of laminated blessings for you to pick out of a bowl each morning, or each week. The idea is that the blessing you pick (e.g. Grace, Laughter, Love, …) will accompany you until the next pick.

My downstairs neighbors have these, and every time I drop in, I pick one out of the bowl, gasp in horror, and quickly stuff it back into the bowl. Then I tell them that instead of an angel, I got a Devil Card again (Despair, Greed, Loneliness, …) while they complain that there are no such things as Devil Cards.

Maybe not yet, but I just sent a letter to Innerlinks asking them to print some for me.

They also sell a game called The Transformation Game, originally created at the Findhorn Foundation. “Gain awareness and heal pain as you advance through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.” The game can be played alone or as part of a workshop.