Card table, card table topper and card serving track – The “problem”:

Gaming tables of the past have not heretofore provided any significant assistance to a player attempting to so discretely lift his card(s) from the table surface–either to momentarily view the card or to lift it completely off the table and into the player’s “hand”–. It would be highly advantageous if a gaming table were disclosed which provided a means to assist a card player in quickly and easily removing a playing card from the table’s surface.

A grooved track placed on the rim of a table. Players slide the cards toward the track which “lifts” the card at an angle. The mind boggles at the marketing research that must have gone into this one.

Playing card apparatus and method of concealing and displaying playing cards – Another patent designed to prevent you from having to lift your cards. You slide it over a surface with two mirrors that reflects the face to you.

Playing professional poker must be exhausting.

Chess set – A design patent, assigned to a “Scythe, Inc.”:


Collapsible game table – This:


Two relatively straightforward blackjack patents from Jeffery Cohen:

Players choice blackjack – “A method of playing a blackjack game permits a player to place an initial wager on either the player’s hand or on the dealer’s hand. If placed on the player’s hand, play continues under traditional blackjack rules. If the initial wager is placed on the dealer’s hand, play of the player’s hand is substantially in accordance with the house rules for play of the dealer’s hand. If both the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand bust when the bet is on the dealer’s hand, a portion of the initial player bet is forfeited to maintain a house advantage. ”

Three card blackjack – “A player is dealt three cards and can take the best two or three card hand out of the three cards. A dealer is dealt three cards and can take the best two or three card hand out of the three cards. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand, then the player wins, otherwise the player loses. If the player has blackjack, then the player automatically wins.”

Senate card game – USA Senate trading cards. From 2006 (GWB is president). From Mary and Jackson Miller.

Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand – Shuffle Master gets yet another patent. A poker game where the dealer’s initial hand is discarded if it’s too good.

Wagering card game – Cards are worth their face value, tens and face cards are worth zero. Two cards are dealt to each player and the winner is the one whose total value mod 10 is closest to 9.

Wireless monitoring of playing cards and/or wagers in gaming – RFID chips in cards. Surely no one will cheat by cracking this. By Bally.

Interactive toys – From BeepCard. The primary example is a set of toys such as a mother duck and baby ducks. When the mother duck quacks, the baby ducks follow the sound of the voice. How cute.

However, examples of various games using the technology are also provided.

Method of playing blackjack with a bonus bet – Yet another blackjack variant, where additional bets and play continue even if the player was dealt a natural blackjack.

Game and method of playing – A slang definitions card game. Example card:

Inteoxicated [sic]
Clue: Three sheets to the wind
a: pickled
b: trashed
c: juiced
d: crocked

I read through the game play and I didn’t get it.

Folding chess set – This:


The pieces are stuck into a shelf that folds into the board.

Card game – Each player selects a suit and is dealt a card. Players whose bet do not match their card are eliminated. The remaining players are “Survivor”s, and the one with the highest rank wins.

Fitness bingo – A grid of exercises. When an exercise is called out, if you have it, you get to perform the exercise and cover the space.

Board game and method of playing thereof – The game Paradice (this only took 8 years to get through the patent office).

Tray for holding game pieces – A tile rack of glass and mirror. “As players become older and less physically coordinated the necessity of repeatedly lifting and manipulating the game pieces to examine the numeric indicia becomes more and more burdensome. Additionally, less accurate short term memory skills make such examinations more frequent among older players.” Claims to be better able to hold the tiles while keeping them out of view of others.


Enhanced casino craps game – Craps, with a whole lot more opportunity for bets. By Applied Gaming Dynamics.