dddDD&D looks like your standard game fare. But the website is a sight to behold. Start with that it is on a site called “DrinkingFun.com” and calls itself a “drinking game”, but claims to be an anti-drinking game.

A sampling of the copy:

How many times have you had a bunch of friends together for a night of drinking and gaming? How many times did you wind up playing a**hole, or up the river down the river or beer pong? How about red black or some silly drinking game where you have to play along while watching t.v.? It starts to get very boring and it’s just not as funny after the first few minutes. Although I must admit a**hole is still one of my favorites haha.

This Hysterical Kooky Party Game Is Over-The-Top…… The Honor Is Mine To Unveil…… The Missing Link To Your Parties

I am so excited to tell you about this awesome game. You and your friends/family will absolutely love it. So you want to know what game I’m talking about don’t you? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, sweet! Did I mention how much you and your friends will love this game? Did I? Ok, here it is….The #1 party game of the new millennium

It gets real funny when one of your buddies has to take a sobriety test, the pressure is on and everyone at the table is laughing at him, you just know he is going to fail. The police officer tests him, and then………… He fails, hahahah and he spits his beer out through his nose and you fall off your chair laughing so hard… I love it. Well, as long as im not the one failing a sobriety test.

You will tear up your party with your “Don’t Drink & Drive” game. This game is very different, very unique. You will want to keep playing over and over. Your new game will be the solution to your boring party/drinking experiences. You can play your game with up to seven of your friends/family (eight players). You and your friends/family will surely be laughing so hard, you might have to take a break to catch your breath, it will drive ’em insane they will smile so hard their cheeks will hurt ha ha ha!!!!

The presentation is on par with the copy.