Pickles to Penguins is one of several new games from Imagination Games. In the game you try to find connections between two pictures. For example, both a mouth and a comb have teeth.

The game gains several notches up just for the name.

Other recent games from Imagination Games:

  • Ca$h Cab: Based on the Discovery Channel’s game show, where unsuspecting taxi passengers suddenly become contestants.
  • Beat the Parents: Parents must answer questions that kids probably know, and vice versa.
  • Snipe It: Players must answer questions, but the last to answer before the buzzer gains the most points.
  • Scabs ‘N Guts: Medical trivia game.
  • Wrong Game: Players must answer a series of questions with the wrong answers (I don’t really get this one; is it that hard to give wrong answers on the spur of the moment?)