Fat Dragon Games is expanding their line of print-and-play paper terrain with a new series of products for the Heroscape game. Hex Master launches with Set 1, a $5 PDF that includes two configurations of cliff hexagons, four configurations of stonework hexagons, stone markers, and pillars. The company has been working on the product for a little more than a year, making sure that the base geometry is a good fit for the existing Heroscape terrain. I asked Fat Dragon President Tom Tullis about the challenge posed by the need to match Heroscape’s hexagon shapes and elevation layers:

Now that we have the engineering design complete, the hard part is over for us. The design is very user friendly, and everything we offer is geared for the beginner card modeler (and for those not familiar with the process, we offer a free Beginners Guide on our website front page that should answer most of your questions.)

Of course, Heroscape already comes with a variety of plastic terrain hexagons. But as we’ve shown before, the true Heroscaper is never satisfied.

We can offer terrain that isn’t available in the various HS sets. Our stone monuments in Set 1 are a perfect example, and we are also introducing elements like large ruins, cliffs with waterfalls, etc. We will also be offering flat, 2D tiles of various terrain… Next up is a selection of basic terrain types (rock, sand, grass, lava, etc.) We are also working on converting our E-Z Dungeons and Dragonshire lines over to the system as well.

Hex Master