Louis Porter Jr Design logoLouis Porter Jr. Design is another PDF publisher picking up the banner of the Pathfinder RPG. The company offers character sheets, an adventure planner, feat options for Wizards, Clerics, Bards, and Barbarians, initiative cards, and spell reference cards. When queried about his choice in supporting Pathfinder, owner Louis Porter stated:

I have been a huge supporter of 3.5 and the OGL and think this was a great way to get more people interested in the area of RPGs.  Paizo’s Pathfinder has continued that spirit.  They have a dedicated, devoted and growing fan base, like Apple and Mac, which loves and supports what they are doing.  They are a very customer focused company with an excellent product and business history and I wanted LPJ Design to be part of that.  It isn’t just the system that drew me to Pathfinder, it is how and what they thought about the OGL and business in general.

In terms of the products he picks to publish, Louis always keeps in mind what customers are interested in buying, while at the same time

Making products I would like to see made and use and have fun with them.  They must have what I call a “cool” factor.