The Mixed Martial Arts board game by Kenny Knoll Ashley Terrell and Brett Siciliano is from sggc Extreme Fight Games. I’d like to tell you more about it, but the instructional videos on the site are broken.

A wild guess: choose a fight style and then roll the dice to see how it goes. First to a certain number of points or a condition wins.

Update from Ashley, the designer, who corrects the information about the designer; Kenny was hired to provide photography. Ashley also adds details on the mechanics:

There is a Stand Up and Ground fighting area, just like real fights, and you have the opportunity to go between the two through out the play of the game. You can play either 3 rounds or do a 5 round title fight, each round averaging 11 minutes. With the 30-sided Fight Dice, you can determine if you are standing up or going to the ground, or win automatically by Knock Out or Submission, just as real Mixed Martial Arts fights. If you don’t win by Knock Out or Submission, you win by an accumulation of points with in the 3 or 5 rounds.