monopoly_city_streetsMonopoly City Streets, Hasbro’s MMOG intended to promote their new Monopoly City Edition board game, has run into its share of woes.

  • When it first started up, the site couldn’t handle the traffic and the servers simply didn’t respond.
  • After that, demand and other problems forced a global reset a week after launch. (source)
  • Tens of thousands of spam emails and social networking links about the game are circulating; clicking on the link in the email infects your computer with mal-ware. (source)

Is it worth it? I don’t know. I bought a bunch of streets and houses – in 5 minutes – and now I have to wait until tomorrow to do anything else. And I have to log in every day, or risk forfeiting my rent and properties. It doesn’t seem very interesting. I don’t interact with any other players. Maybe it gets better if I spy on other players or trade streets?