Open DesignOpen Design is working on two Pathfinder RPG projects. One, “From Shore to Sea,” will be an adventure set in the official Pathfinder Golarion setting and published by Paizo. The other, “Sunken Empires,” will be a Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook with “adventure hooks, spells, monsters, and variant rules for exploring lost and sunken ruins in any campaign.” They’re not available yet, but for a minimum contribution of $24.95 you can buy in to the development process. Status as a Patron will give you copies of draft materials, access to playtest reports, the ability to comment and make recommendations, credit as a patron, and eventually copies of the final documents. Senior Patrons ($74.85) can participate in private discussions and access all drafts, including text and artwork. Major Donors ($145.70) will receive autographed copies of the final work.