A month ago we looked in anticipation to FunHub, and now their first new line of products is out: Octopi Games, available at Barnes and Nobles.

Octopi Games ™ are a series of games that also come with plush toys. Source quotes the design principle:

“Up until now the difference between a game and a plush collectible has been pretty clear. A game was something you played; a collectible was something you kept on your bookshelf or bed. Octopi Games changes that,” said Steve Hart, co-founder, FunHub Creative. “The dynamic element of game play combined with the collectible value of a plush toy makes this a multidimensional gift sure to resonate this holiday season with families and young collectors alike.”

However, the game doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the plush toy. It’s just a plush toy. And a game.

And Octopi Games is the brand name for the company that started PoxNora, both of which are currently owned by Sony Entertainment. OctopiGames is currently parked at GoDaddy. And I’m a little confused.