When I just can’t think of where else to put the news …

Unite for Site, an organization that helps to improve eye care and prevent blindness, presents Eye Health Caregiver, an educational board game about eye care and health. (source)

Niall O’Farrell of Dragon’s Den (and founder of Black Tie) is trying to knock down a house on Shrewsbury Rd, Dublin and build another, bigger one. David McCann, a fruit importer and local resident, is trying to stop the development by claiming that the street’s preeminent position on the Irish Monopoly board indicates that its character should not be changed. (source)

Lebanon-A-Con will be this weekend in Lebanon, OR. The con is organized by BGGer Roger Munk, which explains why the Democrat-Herald story indicating that this is a fundraiser for the St Martin’s Episcopal Church also notes that the event will feature games such as “Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Robo Rally, Arkham Horror and more.” (source)

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have married; they met while playing Boggle and Scrabble on a movie set. (source)