squish_blocksSquish Blocks is a card game from Fertile Ground Games.

Each card has a color and a point value. Each turn you replace a face down card from a grid with one of the two from your hand, face up. If you sandwich a card between two cards of the same color, you get the card and its point value. You can play outside the grid, if you have no other legal moves or to capture, but you don’t gain a card back to your hand in the process. Eventually, both players run out of cards and the highest score wins.

They have two demo videos; the game looks good enough, but the two demo videos clock in at a dull 6 minutes apiece. 45 seconds is all it takes, guys!

Although this is their “first game”, they show two additional games on their site, including a licensed Aqua Teen Hunger Force card game. It must be a prototype, because I would think a licensed ATHF game would be selling.