swine_fluI’m inclined, like so many others, to downplay the threat of news headlining diseases, such as Swine Flu. Still, it doesn’t hurt to take general precautions. And a few extra clean gamers are always welcome.

  • This year’s Penny Arcade Expo, which features both computer and tabletop gaming and had an attendance of some 60,000 (crikee!), had at least 100 confirmed cases of swine flu. (source)
  • Bangkok warned that game shops and play areas with congregating gamers were major transmission points. (source)
  • In Hamilton, New Zealand, one guy caught swine flu while playing Magic the Gathering and died from it two days later. (source)

We already pointed out the UK Department of Health’s swine flu prevention board game. Online games include The Great Flu, Sneeze, and Swinefighter. And, of course, there’s Pandemic.

Keep safe.