Port Salerno, FL: Two men shot two other men to get back their money losses after an all-night card game. (source)

Manchester, Jamaica: Two men shot and killed while playing Dominoes at a shop. (source)

Washington, DC: Police officer shot in the leg when they interrupt a dice game and one of the players first runs and then charges the police with a handgun. (source)

Cleveland, OH: Some 17 year old boys beat up another one and steal his money ($20) at a dice game. (source)

Wichita, KS: Man rams his car into a garage with people playing cards because none of them knew “Cindy”. (source)

Houston, TX: Shootout at a poker game. Three men try to rob a card game, and one of the victims shoots one of the robbers in a shootout. (source)

Tampa, FL: Man shot three times after an illegal dice game. (source)

Indianapolis, IN: Man shot and wounded at a dice game. (source)

Not criminal, but amusing: A top-rated French Chess grandmaster forfeited a game at the Kolkata Open owing to drunkenness. He kept falling asleep and stumbling. (source)

Not game, but … LA, CA: Mattel security chief accused of bribing the police over the Bratz case against MGA. (source)

SPECIAL: The Salt Lake Tribune takes note of the increasing violence in tabletop games. (source) Personally, I blame video games.