Toronto, Canada: Paul Thomas, owner of sggc PS Play Games and designer of their game uPSet, has sued the city of Toronto for breaking his leg (tendon and kneecap) while walking on Queen Quay’s new Simcoe Wavedeck installation. (source)

Chicago, IL: Man stabs and kills a woman, and wounds a man, over money in a card game. (source)

Kowloon City, Hong Kong: Police officer charges with visiting mahjong school while on duty. (source)

Tampa, FL: Man breaks up dice game, then chases and shoots one of the players. (source)

Monroe, LA: Man returns to dice game with gun and hits someone with it, smashes a window. (source)

Roswell, GA: Someone fires 20 shots into an apartment, killing a young woman playing a board game. (source)

Kenner, LA: Two men shot leaving a dice game. (source)

Chippewa Falls, WI: Two men rob a bar, and take, among other things, “cash for dice games”. (source)

Anse La Raye, St Lucia: One man killed in a quarrel over a game of Dominoes. (source)

Smith’s Parish, Bermuda: Man shot at a card game in his house. Other players maintain that this was not a “gambling den”, because, although “thousands of dollars exchanged hands during the match… [the house] never profited from the proceedings.” (source)

Rocky Mount, NC: Half a dozen men dress up as SWAT and rob a card game, killing a 17 year old in the process. (source)