Peoria, IL: Man wins money in a dice game and then gets stabbed in the back (figuratively and literally). (source)

Durban, South Africa: Kids as young as 10 years old stealing and becoming violent as they get addicted to, and lose money on, gambling. (source) Sometimes the stakes of the games are drugs.

San Diego, CA: 8 more charged with cheating in US casinos, including fake shuffling. (source)

Not criminal – Coffs Harbour, Austrailia: Man dies on ramp entrance to his usual card game club. (source)

Dectaur, AL: Man falls for the three-card monte trick; police looking for the scam artists. (source)

Kankakee, IL: Boy attacked at a dice game by acquaintances. (source)

Indianapolis, IN: One wounded and one killed in a shootout at a dice game. (source)

Thomson, GA: Man hit over head and robbed of wallet during a card game. (source)

Racine, WI: Man shot and killed over a card game. (source)