the_learning_keyThe Learning Key is a small woman-run business that designs tools for other businesses to help them with “soft skills”, which includes effective communication skills.

Games are a prominent part of their product catalog and include:

  • Interpra Cards:40 cards that “create an environment for metaphorical learning and concrete applications to the workplace”. $30 for one, $80 for all three different types.
  • Wi$eMoney: “banking, investing, credit and financing, safety and identity protection, planning and budgeting, and financial responsibility”. $400
  • Picture That: I think it’s a series of RPG scenarios, but it’s billed as “an alternative to role playing”, so I’m not exactly sure. Requires Interpra Cards to play. $50
  • The Pharm Game: A roll-and-move trivia card game about the complexities of creating pharmaceuticals. $2,500 – yes, you read that right. There’s an online Flash demo with sample questions.
  • Matching Meanings: Banking and finance cards comes in two types of decks: $65 for one, $100 for both decks. Pharmaceutical and medical cards come in four types, at $100 a pop.
  • Big Buck$$: A roll-and-move banking trivia game about the complexities of the banking industry.  $2,500 – yes, you read that right.
  • ¢en$ability: A game about financial sense, created for the National Foundation for Debt Management in Clearwater, Florida. No sale price listed.
  • GMP Works: Roll-and-move trivia refresher GMP training on specific subparts of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or for a complete GMP overview. $2,500, online demo
  • Partnering Success, the Challenge: Roll-and-move trivia insights into partnering and outsourcing. $1,400 for the first 20 players, $75/player thereafter (that’s a first for a board game, as far as I know), online demo
  • Making Your Number$: Roll-and-move trivia learn to be a consultive sales staff. $2,400 for 20 players, $125/player therafter, online demo
  • The House That Cards Built: A card game simulation of change management, and dealing with its effects. $80