Manhattan Users Guide pimps 11 games: Wits And Wagers, Balderdash, Wise and Otherwise, Carcassonne, Mad Gab, Mental Floss, Q90, Catch Phrase, Backseat Drawing, Taboo, and Buzzword. (source)

The Hartford Courant pimps Bridge, and the local Bridge club. (source)

The Irish Times pimps family gaming twice in one day: One, including Monopoly (source), and two, including Connect Four (source).

The Wall Street Journal pimps Monopoly and the story of Anti-Monopoly. (source) A number of blogs have also been doing this for the past few days (before the WSJ article).

The Joplin Globe pimps Pretty Pretty Princess in a humorous article. (source)

The BBC pimps the United States of Africa game. (source)