Civil Lore is a trivia game about American lore and landmarks. Topics include natural parks, Native American myths, presidents, roadside attractions, urban myths, techno-culture, and so on.

The game is from sggc Evolving Toys, and I think it was developed by Geoffrey Moran. I say sggc, but they don’t plan to be that way; they’ve got nine card games in development according to their site:

  • Constellation Connect: Go Fish with constellations
  • Dino Danger: Some kind of War card game with a die
  • Ingenious Inventions: Probably something like Go Fish, but with trading and a die
  • Reptile Revenge: Some kind of memory game, also with a die
  • Mammal Mania: Reflex game of pattern matching
  • Insect Invasion: No idea

Let me just interrupt this list to note that the cut-and-paste game mockups for the last three games are kind of amusing, as they all feature the same “Reptile Revenge” cards on their back.

  • Go Bass: Go Fish, literally
  • Happy Trails: I’m pretty sure this is also based on Go Fish
  • Fish Tales: Read a tale and bluff that it’s true

The site then goes on to list a trivia board game called “Americana” also “coming soon”, but from the box mock-up, I’m guessing that this was the original name of Civil Lore, so it has already come.