Claustrophobia is a board game coming from Croc, published by Asmodee. Croc has previously designed Hell Dorado and Age of Gods. Release date unknown, but some copies should be available at BGG.con .

The game is a two-player fantasy skirmishy game, humans versus demons. The humans have to accomplish some missions, and the demons try to stop them. From the site:

The Human begin with the initiative phase, throws a six-side die for each character that he controls. After that, he chooses a die to give to each of them. The die represents an action line with varied characteristics: movement, combat, defense, sox colors [?]. These characteristics change with each line, so the allocation of a die is tactical and very important…

Then, the Humans start the actions phase and activate all their characters: underground exploration, confrontations, actions and so on.

Then the Demon will start his menace phase. He rolls 3 dice, which the number can change under different conditions. He then places the rolled dice on the destiny board. Placing them activate on some effects that will help him. For example, if the Demon player chooses to place two odd dice on the ‘’supernatural speed’’, the troglodytes then gain +1 movement in the next action phase.

Once all the dice are allowed and the chosen effects are activated, the Demon plays his action phase. It’s almost the same as for the Human, except that the Troglodyte can’t explore the underground