discovery_bay_gamesDiscovery Bay Games started in 2006 with a successful game called Baffle Gab (also the original name of the company). They currently have some nice investment money, some former members of Front Porch Classic (the ones that didn’t form FunHub), and they partner with Barnes and Nobles and are working on Target and Wal-Mart.

  • Discovery Bay Games will release a board game celebrating the 35th anniversary of Saturday Night Live next fall. (source) Source provides no clues about the game genre.
  • The Irish band The Cranberries will be touring for the first time in seven years, presented by Discovery Bay’s Guesstimation. (source) I can see a company presenting a tour, but I don’t understand how a game can present a tour ???

They’re also working on licensing games for the University of Oxford. (source)

Other Recent and upcoming games: