Thomas Radecki is a psychiatrist and lawyer, a vocal member of the National Council on Television Violence, and an activist against fantasy role-playing game violence in much the same way that Jack Thomson is for video game violence.

He claims to have been personally involved in 8 or 9 cases of death due to role-playing games, and has familiarity with over 130 more, details of which he lists on his site. It makes for gruesome reading. Most of the deaths seem to be only tangentially related to the game (e.g. occurred at the same location as where the victim often played, or happened soon after a game session was finished), and others appear to indicate that Radecki doesn’t have a full grasp of what the game is all about.

8/12/2016 UPDATE: Radecki’s website has been down for some time. However, his list is still available via the Wayback Machine here: Deaths Involving Violent Fantasy Role-Playing Games.