EDTEC_670The study of Educational Technology is the study of how to integrate “things’ into the classroom, whether computers and blogs, videos, props, or games.

One place you can concentrate in Educational Technology is EdTec at San Diego State University. And one interesting course at EdTec is EdTech 670: Exploratory Learning Through Education Simulation & Games.

EdTech 670 is complete immersion in the art of game design: analyzing game patterns, using games as teaching tools, psychological elements, role play, simulation, motivation, fun, and so on.

Students have to design original games that meet market demands and education objectives, upload stories to Youtube, and maintain a blog about board games. The blog has over a thousand entries going back to 2000, and all the entries are written during September through December, which is when the course occurs. Each entry is an exploration of a board or card game.

Information about the game projects, and how they meet the course goals, is also online.