eineEine gegen Eine (One Against One) is a game by Heinrich Glumpler (and others) published by Sphinx Spieleverlag.

I can’t tell you anything else about the game contents, rules, or genre, as they are meant to be discovered as you play. From the designer:

It is – let’s say – a “Filler” (regarding the playing time of about 20 minutes that’s no secret anyway) having the additional charm that the players have to solve the “Riddle of the rules” by looking at the components – and then have to play the game according to these (in fact their!) rules.

On the one hand, Friedemann Friese gave it a good review (while suggesting that it doesn’t appear to be highly replayable). On the other hand, how much can you trust a guy who dyes his hair green, laughs maniacally, and uses the phrase “very unique”?