northstargames_logoA new family edition of Wits and Wagers is scheduled for release Feb 10, 2010 from Northstar Games. Wits And Wagers is a much lauded and successful party game where players first guess what they think the answer to a question is, and then place bets on which answer is closest to the correct one. Payoff is less for answers in the middle of the pack than for those on the extremes.

Says Dominick, CEO and designer:

No poker chips.  Players just win points for betting correctly.  No betting mat either.  You just arrange the guesses from lowest to highest and bet (using different sized meeples) on the answer you think is closest without going over.  If you bet correctly, you get one point for betting with the small meeple and two for betting with the larger meeple.  You get one point if your guess pays out.

The game loses the poker look and feel in order to appeal to more families, and includes some easier questions for ages 8-12.