fight_klubDecipher Games is back with a new look, new site, and new product: Fight Klub, a CCG.

Decipher Games was a venerable RPG and game company with some top licenses, all of which crashed to the ground after nine years of inside embezzlement by a former friend of Warren Holland, the owner. How they arose from this mess, and what of the former company’s employees and assets remain, will (hopefully) be the subject of some future post.

So what’s Fight Klub?

Fight Klub, designed by Warren and Tim Ellington, is a CCG where each player fields a famous hero or villain in a fight. Examples include Hannibal Lechter, The Daleks, and Al Capone. How they can possibly afford the licensing fees for all these characters is apparently a trade secret.

The most unusual aspect of the game is a few changes to the usual CCG marketing approach:

  • The game is marketed as a filler game, to be played between sessions of your other favorite CCG.
  • Game boxes are sold by the kilo, and numbered One, Two, Three, …
  • Boxes are sold online and directly to consumers only; there is no distributor or store presence. Tim says that it is hard to gain market share with the traditional method of distribution. This is an experiment, and a rewarding one in that it gives them direct contact with the players.
  • You have to be sponsored by an existing member to log in to the site. [Update: Tim says that this is no longer the case.]