The Motley Fool wonders if Hasbro is the next Marvel, seeing as it’s moving away (?) from its core products and branching out into other media. (source)

Meanwhile, Hasbro explains the limitations of its MMOG Monopoly City Streets by claiming that it was never meant to be more than a limited-time promotion for its new board game, Monopoly City. (source) Considering the numbers the game attracted, they might need to reconsider that. As for myself, I’ve logged on a number of times and don’t see much of a game there.

Mattel’s 3rd quarter earnings were down 3% compared to last year due to foreign exchange issues and slower toy sales. Sales were down 8% to $1.8 billion. Yet its shares are up: +28% for the year, compared to +1% for Hasbro, and -27% for Jakks. (source)

The NY Times, as well as many others, is pimping the new Clue with text message clues. (source)

WotC (a subsidiary of Hasbro) has settled two of the eight lawsuits it filed against people who distributed unlicensed online copies of their Players Handbook 2. These were for $125,000 and $100,000. A third case is likely to net a default judgment of around $45,000.