Hello_KittyUpper Deck has acquired a license from Sanrio to produce a Hello Kitty themed CCG. (source) Along with Bella Sara, this could mark a huge step in bringing CCGs to the tween-girl masses.

Here’s what we have in Hello Kitty games, so far:


Sanrio Town is like a HK Facebook, with all types of HK products, games, and news. So is Hello Kitty Online. Meanwhile, Aeria Games is introducing a licensed HK MMOG. For a list of HK video games, see the HK Wikipedia entry.

Re-themed Existing Board and Card Games

Most of the board and card games are by Pressman Toy Co, Sababa Toys, or Ravensburger.


Hello Kitty Flip N Match – A Memory game. Another version.


Hello Kitty Big Roll Bingo GameAnother version.


Hello Kitty Chess Game – Other HK classic games include Hello Kitty Crazy 8S, Hello Kitty Dominoes, and Hello Kitty Playing Cards.


Hello Kitty Toss Across


UNO Hello Kitty Edition


Hello Kitty Pachisi

Original Board and Card Games


Fortune Finder – Not really a game; more of an activity.


Hello Kitty Happy Seasons Game – “Travel around the board answering questions” is all I could discover.


Which Hello Kitty Are You Game – A card game, but there’s no information about it on Pressman’s site.


Hello Kitty Best Friends Game – A social slumber-party game with a spinner. Ask the other players questions to learn about them. Briarpatch has no info about it on their site.


Hello Kitty Shopping Spree Game – I got nothing.

Meanwhile, enjoy Hello Cthulhu (cartoon © 2002-2006 Devon “FrogPlague” Tackett; Hello Kitty © Sanrio)