emma_gamesMartyn F is a designer from The Netherlands who self-publishes his games as Emma Games. He adds the rules and variants to his games on the site. Which is nice.

He has three games (and an expansion) so far:

  • Cities: Carcassonne crossed with Crossword Squares, each player simultaneously picks a tile to fit into his grid, while placing or moving his meeples to score the most points on the finished board.
  • Wadi: On a grid board, with water movers moving down the rivers, players try to position their pieces to take the most water markers and place them adjacent to their pieces. Also has a small expansion.
  • TWRS: A new limited edition game with strange looking glass pieces, you have to move your towers and place pieces to enclose the largest area; unlike the other games, the full rules are not yet available on line, so I can’t tell you more.

TWRS costs an astonishing 545 EUR, including shipping to outside Europe (only 515 EUR within Europe). The other games cost a more normal $35 or so, and can be bought at various shops.