StonerFluxx-LogoSeriously?  Come on now. Fully Baked Ideas even makes you validate your age before viewing their site for this one. We mentioned Stoner Fluxx very briefly last year when Yehuda made his feelings known about Fluxx.  Stoner Fluxx is exactly what you think it would be: marijuana themed Fluxx. Proceeds of all sales actually go to groups fighting to legalize the drug.

I can take Fluxx in very (read VERY) small doses.  I even think Zombie Fluxx is humorous.

Stoner Fluxx is going a bit far.  There’s even toking rules in the game with this message attached.

“WARNING: Doing what this card says is Illegal. Set it aside until after marijuana prohibition ends.”

Give me a break.  For those who are interested, Stoner Fluxx goes on sale November 13th, 2009.