pirateerIn 1978, Scott Peterson was broke and unemployed. He invented a board game Pirateer, and began selling hand made copies. In 1995, he finally received $150,000 of investment to publish under the banner Mendocino Game Company. By year’s end, he had sold 3,500 copies. (source)

Pirateer won a Mensa Select award (fwiw). By 1998, he was filling orders around the world. (source)

In 2001, MGC and Warren Industries partnered: MGC would have exclusive rights to sell WI products to certain stores, and WI would have exclusive license to promote and sell Pirateer.

In 2006, Scott Peterson won a $275,000 case against WI for breach of contract, lawyer’s fees, etc. In order to speed up the court process, Scott went on a hunger strike. (source) I’m not entirely sure, from the summary on this and other web sites, what the exact breach was.

Since 2004, Scott also claimed about his fellow MGC board members, that “malicious statements by former colleagues about his character, mental health and business dealings have alienated him from family and friends and overshadowed and consumed his last five years, while what he considers business betrayals caused the ruin of MGC, ‘the dream of my life’ and turned its bright prospects into a ‘hellish nightmare of a smear job’ and a succession of legal contests.”

2009: These former colleagues have now been awarded a $791,000 judgment against Scott. Over the last several years, he has accused them of conspiring against him, embezzlement, defamation, and, uh, infidelity.  (source) As to the latter, he wrote anonymous notes to the spouses of these colleagues “informing” them of this. He also accused one of his ex-wives of slandering him by saying that he suffered from “narcissistic personality disorder”.

A psychiatrist hired by the defense testified that Peterson suffered from narcissism and paranoia. He has been found guilty of maliciously defaming and inflicting emotional distress on the defendants.