The fight over gambling in South Carolina continues: five men who were convicted of gambling over a house game of Texas Hold’em have had their charges dismissed on appeal. Said the judge a) poker is a game of skill, and b)

Any family that has ever played the children’s card game Go Fish while waiting for dinner at a restaurant where wine may be purchased has violated the statute, as has the youth group that plays a board game using dice while on a church picnic. Even a traveler playing a game of solitaire in an airport lounge is in violation of the statute. Simply put, (the statute) as written, has the potential to make criminals of virtually every man, woman and child in the state of South Carolina.


Beirut, Lebanon: A fight over a card game brings revenge attacks and the flaring of sectarian violence. (source)

Southhampton, UK: 24 year-old woman accused of molesting two young girls and two young boys in her flat, over dice games and truth or dare. (source)

Gastonia, NC: Strippers and owners charged with “crimes against nature” (ya really?) that included alcohol and sexual favors as rewards for winning games. (source)

Westchester, NY: 19, including mafia members, arrested for operating gambling ring. (source)

Mobile, AL: Man ends card game in his own house by shooting one of the other players and taking his money. (source)