Lucknow, India: Two killed in altercation over a card game. (source) This incident represents the type that has led to the arrest in the last few days of 225 people for gambling. (source)

Outside of Farmington Hill, CO: 4 passengers returning from the Austin, TX Magic Pro Tour cause a car accident due to lack of sleep. (source)

Atlanta, GA: Three people, including a 3 year old, shot dead over an argument over a game of Dominoes; this happened in September, but the reason for the killing has only come out recently. (source)

Fort Collins, CO: Chess Master Robert Snyder, convicted of sexually assaulting boys after luring them under pretense of teaching them Chess, will be featured on America’s Most Wanted for failing to properly register as a sex offender. (source)

Burely, ID: Man beaten up at a motel card game. (source)

Not exactly criminal … yet: Harare, Zimbabwe: Gambling over street Chess games is supposedly on the rise. (source)

Toronto, CA: A tractor trailer full of toys for needy families was stolen at the end of last month. Hasbro donated $50,000 in games and toys after hearing about the theft. (source)